Hayes Race Report: UCI Downhill World Cup

Race Report: UCI Downhill World Cup, Val di Sole, Italy

Val di Sole, Italy hosted the third round of the UCI Downhill World Cup. Renowned for its extremely rough track conditions, riders were surprised to find a large amount of soil added to fill in the ruts and holes from previous years. However the uncompacted soil did not hold up well, especially after rain showered on the already physically demanding track the night before race day. As a result large ruts and holes emerged, creating a challenging and rough high-speed track.

In the junior category Dane Jewett delivered a solid performance, although adjusting to the ever-changing track conditions proved difficult due to the significant deterioration during elite practice the previous day. Dane finished in a respectable 12th place.

Matthew Walker qualified 44th but couldn't quite find the speed needed to make it to the semi-final cut. Nonetheless, he was pleased to come away from Val di Sole without any injuries, especially after such a great week at the enduro and now heading into a training block!

Hayes Race Report: UCI Downhill World Cup, Val di Sole, Italy

Throughout the week both Jake Jewett and Bernard Kerr displayed impressive speed and comfort on the track, working together to navigate the ever-changing conditions. Jake finished the semifinals in an impressive 18th position, setting the stage for the finals. Unfortunately Bernard Kerr faced some misfortune as he had to ride half the track with a damaged pedal making it impossible to clip back into. Nonetheless he managed to scrape through to the finals, showcasing his remarkable determination.

As the afternoon approached for the finals, the weather didn't cooperate, with intermittent showers making certain sections of the track extremely slippery and hard to read, especially those exposed to the open sky. Bernard Kerr encountered the start of the showers but still managed to secure an amazing 7th place, spending a significant amount of time in the hot seat. Jake faced the worst track conditions during his run, making navigating the course incredibly challenging. Nonetheless he held on and finished in the 26th spot.

The Pivot Factory Race Team now prepares to disperse, with some of the crew heading to Canada for Crankworx Whistler, while others will participate in the Hardline event. They will all reconvene for the World Championships in Fort William at the beginning of August.