Whistler Cranworx and Burke EWS Race Report

Whistler Cranworx and Burke EWS Race Report

Well what a crazy week its been...whistler Crankworx finally returned after the Covid break and the EWS made its debut on the East coast of the USA in Burke.

Lets start off with a quick Crankworx recap...Whistler was Wildy busy and bikers were out in huge numbers. First up was the A line race the day after landing. After 2 brief practice laps I just decided to ride a nice safe smooth run and do some scrubs for the fans. A solid 10th place result and a fun time was had on day 1 in whistler.

Next up was the dual slalom, one of my favourite events and on a new part of the hill for me. Only having my 170/160mm travel Firebird 29er I wasn't expecting a lot and just went along to have fun and shred. After a solid qualifying and getting through to the early heats to the final 8 before the live feed I realised we were going to able to turn things up a few gears.

The turns were honestly epic....so steep and fast you could just lean in with everything you had. After a fierce coupe of battles, I was in the final...feeling confident and riding high after the world cups we put the after burners on a took the Win in front of another sick crowd. It was rad start to the week.

Next up was whip off where I really just had a good time and did a bunch of trains with the Pivot next gen riders, Dane Jewett and Ryan Griffith where the pretty much showed me up! haha

The Canadian open is the DH race at the end of the week and is always a super dusty blown out track...although we had a dashing of rain pre qualie's and after a sketchy moment up top on wet rocks I rode it down safe for a 6th place.

Finals on Sunday, the track was running so fast and rough, unfortunately after going green at the first split I tipped it into a rut just a little too much and caught my inside foot on the floor kicking the bike out from under me and putting me on the floor... An unfortunate mistake but luckily a very slow speed crash. Its out the way and we are ready for world champs in Les gets in 2 weeks time!


On the other side of the coast, Morgane, Matt and Eddie were riding some east coast jank rock in Burke Vermont. The day was super physical with some good sections bust some also very questionable ones. A solid start for both Matt and Eddie in 4th and 5th on the pro stage meant they were once again feeling it for the main day Sunday. Morgane unfortunately not riding to her full potential ending the pro Stage in 8th but not loosing too much time for the main day.

Race day and the fans were back in the masses again, mountain biking really seems to be in a good spot right now when it comes to fan attendance and race day vibes.


Eddie had a crash on stage 5 that pushed him back a little but still another super solid day with a 7th place.

Matt rode amazing and strong all day claiming another 4th place making it 2 weeks in a row and moving up to 8th in the overall.

Morgane had time to make up and she got to work hammering those flat pedals all day and all the way back to another 2nd plac...her 4th one in a row this season! Also narrowing the gap on the lead in the overall standings.


Yet again Pivot were the team of the day and extend the points lead in the overall team standings.