Hayes Disc Brakes | Dominion Peacemaker Handlebar Clamp - Dominion / Shimano I-Spec II/EV / Black
Hayes Disc Brakes | Dominion Peacemaker Handlebar Clamp -
Hayes Disc Brakes | Dominion Peacemaker Handlebar Clamp - Dominion / Shimano I-Spec II/EV / Stealth Black
Hayes Disc Brakes | Dominion Peacemaker Handlebar Clamp - Dominion / Sram MatchMaker / Stealth Black

Dominion Peacemaker Handlebar Clamp


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Hayes Dominion Peacemaker Clamp makes a peaceful set up with most popular shifters. Keep your handlebars clean and tidy.

Customer Reviews

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Simple Efficiency

Picked up a Peacemaker to mate my XX1 Shifter to my A4 Lever to tidy up my cockpit a bit. Install was simple. Machining was on point. Everything mated up perfectly first go.
Thanks Hayes!

No up/down adjustment

All matchmaker (SRAM) original equipment allow for up/down adjustment. At 40 USD for a tiny piece of metal you'd think Hayes would also provide this, but they do not. This means your shifter or dropper lever will generally not be at the right location for your thumb since we're all built differently.

In fact, you'll arguably be able to adjust more easily if you just don't buy the adapter. 2 stars because it does otherwise support the matchmaker mount, it's just not very well made and completely overpriced.

Very limited on adjustments

I could not get this to feel right on my M6100. For some reason, the adjustment is very small and way towards the left. I could not get the right angle and placement because the hayes peacemaker are way too low and way to the left. Also I see that the adaptor is spec2 but goes with the EV shifter according to shimano, but this peacemaker is for EV style shifter so its confusing when you looking how to match the pieces together. I guess those with 5 star review dont have the same issues that I have.

How can I return this thing?

A member of our Customer Care Team would like to help! Visit us at https://hayesbicycle.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360002741253

Marc Fenigstein
Right hand only

Very annoying that they don´t make a version for dropper levers on the left. Right hand Shimano version works okay. Shape of Dominion brake lever combined with XT 12-spd shifter doesn´t allow for use of full range of EV-spec mount.

Dominion Matchmaker

My 2021 Pivot Switchblade came equipped with the Hayes Dominion A4 brakes which are top notch. The bike also came equipped with the Dominion Matchmaker matching the hydraulic brake lever to the Shimano XTR shifter. I broke the pre-installed matchmaker during a crash in early December 2020 and ordered a replacement which came. I ended up utilizing the hardware which came stock with the Switchblade to mount the new Matchmaker to the brake lever. Additionally, I utilized the hardware that came with the Switchblade to mount the shifter to the Matchmaker. This was due to no bolts of any kind being supplied with the new replacement Matchmaker. Thankfully I still had all the old mounting bolts. It would be nice if Hayes supplied replacement bolts to both mount the Matchmaker to the existing brake lever as well as a mounting bolt to mount the shifter to the Matchmaker.

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