The Mastodon is not a modified or repurposed trail fork compatible with the large tire dimensions and frame geometries of fatbikes, but rather it is a fatbike specific solution, designed from the ground up. It is a meticulously engineered suspension fork made to offer a clear performance upgrade regardless of how low or high the numbers on the thermometer read. To create such a solution required all-environment and all-temperature performance testing that took the R+D staff to some of the most inhospitable testing environments in the world. To earn its place within the Manitou family, the Mastodon passed performance and reliability testing in both real world and lab scenarios at temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

Not only does the Mastodon guarantee uniform performance across the most extreme climates and conditions, but it also guarantees excellent performance above and beyond anything available, period. Its 34mm trail chassis is stiffer and steers more precisely than any other product on the market.

The trusted Manitou Reverse Arch requires less material for maximum torsional stiffness making for a lighter yet better performing structure. Its stiffness is even further improved when combined with the Manitou Hexlock SL thru axle.

Manitou Mastodon LE

All options are internally adjustable by the rider in 10mm increments with COMP being internally adjustable from 80mm to 140mm and PRO models adjustable from 100mm to 140mm.

Like all Pro level suspension, the Mastodon utilizes the Dorado air spring first debuted in our iconic Dorado model in tandem with MC2 compression damping and TPC rebound damping.

These technologies, along with IVA volume adjustment that allows for fine tuning of the air spring, make for an unmatched customizable suspension that adapts to an extremely wide variety of conditions, riding styles and personal preferences.