While Manitou is the only brand that takes suspension for the youth seriously it doesn’t mean that the brand with the iconic reverse arch is content to merely occupy that segment of the market. Manitou believes so strongly in its youth dedicated suspension, which goes by the name of JUNIT, that it dedicates the same engineering resources to ensure its elite performance as it does to the adult size counterparts. The new JUNIT receives, as a result, the complete engineering package developed for the 34mm evolution of its adult brethren yet designed with youth riders in mind.

The evolution of the JUNIT line ushers in two new forks, based on the recently developed Manitou 34mm chassis. The two forks, one for 24 and one for 26-inch wheel size, complete the offering necessary for Manitou’s philosophy of accompanying riders with advanced suspension solutions from their first pedal strokes, over every phase in their cycling journey, well into adulthood. From a tiny rider’s first 20” bike all the way to his or her World Cup DH rig and everything in between, there is no age, need, requirement or want that isn’t covered by Manitou suspension.

Better first impressions make for longer lasting relationships and Manitou aims to ensure that the younger riders among us have a fantastic first foray into mountain biking that translates into a lifelong affinity with what is truly a beautiful lifestyle immersed in the outdoors. Great suspension is no longer relegated to grown-ups and with Manitou riders can grow with great suspension, perfectly tailored to their needs, no matter what stage or age they may find themselves at. Growing up isn’t easy, but at least with Manitou, the path towards adulthood can be a great deal smoother.