Manitou | JUNIT 34 Expert - 24" / 120mm
Manitou | JUNIT 34 Expert -
Manitou | JUNIT 34 Expert -
Manitou | JUNIT 34 Expert -

JUNIT 34 Expert


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The Junit Expert 34mm fork combines a stiff, 34mm chassis to the most functional suspension performance available on the market for the younger riders. The 100-160mm travel range ensures that this one single fork can cover nearly any discipline your young rider cares to take on…and the adjustability to allow him or her to change their minds without the need to change forks. The 1840 gram fork is sturdy, reliable yet plenty light enough for smaller riders to control comfortably. The Expert Air spring with IVA, ABS+ compression damping and in-leg adjustable TPC allows for big performance your growing riders. Adjustable air, air volume, rebound and compression ensure that the performance is not only tailored to a younger rider but precisely to your younger rider and his or her specific needs.

• Slight weight increase for massive stiffness
gains and new travel options
• Build it and they will come. The 32mm JUNIT
fork opened up suspension performance for
kids that has never been seen before. The
move to 34mm chassis in 24” and 26” wheel
sizes increases stiffness for bigger kids to go
even bigger! 7000 series tapered legs for a
light weight stiff chassis.
• Expert air allows for internal travel adjustments
with no added parts. New travel spacers
account for negative air volume change, so
the 100mm fork has the same initial stroke
feel as the 160mm 160mm 24” fork!
• Expert Air spring systems contain a unique
balancing valve that equalizes the positive
and negative air chambers during the air
fill process. This gives the spring rate a
consistent feel without any flat or dead
spots in the stroke, along with giving riders
of different weights the same initial stroke
feel. Expert Air has identical performance to
DoradoTM Air in a more cost effective package.
• Incremental Volume Adjust (IVA) modifies
the volume in the positive air chamber with
self contained spacers dictating the position
of the IVA piston. This allows the main
air spring ramp-up to be tuned to the rider
weight, style and conditions without the need
for additional parts.
• Absolute Plus (ABS+) is a shim stack based
damper that features external incremental
Low Speed compression adjustment. The
shimstack is tuned for lighter riders, a
sepperate DJ tune is available for kids who
prefer to spend their time in the air.
• Great blend of cost, weight and performance
• 7000 series tapered legs with weight savings
in the crown, combined with simple to adjust
ABS+ damper and Expert air is the perfect
blend of cost, weight and performance.

•Wheel Size: 24", 26"
•Weight: 1840g
•Offset: 41OS
•Ride Height: 24:
-100mm = 454 a2c
-110mm = 464 a2c
-120mm = 474 a2c
-130mm = 484 a2c
-140mm = 494 a2c
-145mm = 499 a2c
-150mm = 504 a2c
-160mm = 514 a2c
-100mm = 480 a2c
-110mm = 490 a2c
-120mm = 500 a2c
-130mm = 510 a2c
-140mm = 520 a2c
-150mm= 530 a2c
-160mm = 540 a2c
•Spring: Expert Air w/ IVA
•Compression Damping: ABS+
•Rebound Damping: in-leg adjustable TPC
•Adjustments: Air, Air Volume, Rebound, Compression
•Steerer: 1.5" Tapered
•Crown: Forged Aluminum, Hollow Bore
•Leg Diameter: 34mm
•Leg Material: 7000 Series Butted Wall Aluminum
•Brake: Post Mount 160mm
•Axle: 15mm x 110mm Hexlock
•Max Tire Size: 67mm
•Options: Fender Kit, TSR
•E-Bike Compatible: No

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