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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Rear hub just fell apart

      Had the rear wheel off to put my bike on a trainer. Tried to put it back on and the rear axel fell out. Looks t
      Like the hub just "fell apart" for no reason. It was in good shape when I took it off and it was stored by itself (nothing fell on it) in the garage

      Thank you for your review/rating. We are sorry to hear this product did not fully meet your expectations, and we take this matter very seriously. We have transferred your information over to our Customer Care Team, and a member will be reaching out to shortly to resolve.

      AR41 X

      All that I expected - I can feel the aerodynamic difference when I get moving.

      Great upgrade from the Assaults

      I had a set of Assaults that were wearing out. Decided to give these a try. I've put a couple hundred miles on them at this time of the review. I was delighted to find out they weren't just the same wheel with a new name and decals. Braking performance is lightyears ahead of the assaults and they are stiff and want to go fast. I had brake rub on my Assaults but zero rub with these. I'm 165 and fairly aggressive while sprinting. Zero rub for me. I've even tried exaggerated leaning the bike over to get it to rub and no rub. Maybe Reynolds has listened and upped the spoke tension? Either way it's a non-issue for me at least. I'm setup tubeless with a set of 25mm Schwalbe Pro One tires. On these rims the tires float out to 27mm where as the Assaults floated to 26. This has made me play with air pressure a little. I was at 70/75 on my Assaults setup tubeless. The AR41Xs are setup 65/70. Really a comfortable ride! And fast! And affordable. They setup tubeless pretty easily and they're holding air better than the Assaults. Overall, stoked to have a new set of wheels. Looking forward to many more miles on these wheels.

      brake rub

      The wheel set is awesome, just that they will rub your brakes no matter how wide you set them. Maybe they didn't torque the spokes properly, I would like to know..?

      Hey Kenny, sorry you are having an issue with your wheel. Please contact our warranty support crew and we will help you out!

      Nice wheels

      So far so good.