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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Yan Kutsy

      Great product. Great service. Great ride.

      Javier Sierra
      Best ride ever

      The first 6 pedal strokes on my brand new Blacklabels showed me I was up for something special. Two hours on the road confirmed my prediction, the best ride I've on my bike ever. They not only make the bike faster, smoother and easier to handle, even in cross-wind situations. They also make this sweet sound when I coast that make other riders look at me with a tad of envy. And they look awesome! I love them.

      Ryan Z Castro
      Fantastic, stiff and light wheels

      I love these wheels. I admittedly overanalyzed the whole U shape vs V shape debate and determined that since having 2 sets of Reynolds, a set of AR 58/62 and a set of Aero 65, the difference is negligible. They are both great sets of wheels and are both fast. Crosswinds will affect anyone, especially light riders. I'm 5'10", 180lbs and I can only feel small twitches in considerable crosswinds when I am tired after a long day in the saddle. Nothing uncontrollable at all.

      These seem to be faster than the AR 58/62 as the Deep Aero 65s love to carry speed. The I9 hubs are smooth as silk as well!

      Colden Kimber
      Incredibly fast and light!

      These wheels are my favorite wheels for all conditions! The Reynolds Aero 65 are measurably some of the fastest wheels on the market! Immediately I noticed a higher average speed on my normal loops and confirmed this with a power meter over stock mid depth wheels. You'd expect deep wheels to be fast, but another thing that really sets these apart is the handling and braking. These wheels are 65mm deep, but they handle better than many shallow climbing wheels! I have found them to track extremely well even in windy and gusty conditions with little effort to hold a line in a steady crosswind. The braking with supplied brake pads is superb, so much so that I now only use Reynolds pads on my other carbon wheels. They are still carbon rim brakes so not the best in the wet, but the wider Reynolds brake track and supplied brake pads are noticeably better than many other carbon wheels I've used. At under 1600 grams these are certainly some of the lightest wheels available for the depth, and I never shy away from a good climb when riding these. I'm a big cyclist @ 6'4" ~200lbs and mostly I race road and TTs. My biggest gripe with most other deep section wheels is that I would get brake flex under load, but these hold true and feel very solid. The nice wide rim allows for modern wider tires without a less aero bulbous profile and are tubeless ready if that's your thing. I've been using these for a few years now and am happy to say that they're a comfy, fast, confidence inspiring set of wheels.