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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Marc Fenigstein
      Right hand only

      Very annoying that they don´t make a version for dropper levers on the left. Right hand Shimano version works okay. Shape of Dominion brake lever combined with XT 12-spd shifter doesn´t allow for use of full range of EV-spec mount.

      Dominion Matchmaker

      My 2021 Pivot Switchblade came equipped with the Hayes Dominion A4 brakes which are top notch. The bike also came equipped with the Dominion Matchmaker matching the hydraulic brake lever to the Shimano XTR shifter. I broke the pre-installed matchmaker during a crash in early December 2020 and ordered a replacement which came. I ended up utilizing the hardware which came stock with the Switchblade to mount the new Matchmaker to the brake lever. Additionally, I utilized the hardware that came with the Switchblade to mount the shifter to the Matchmaker. This was due to no bolts of any kind being supplied with the new replacement Matchmaker. Thankfully I still had all the old mounting bolts. It would be nice if Hayes supplied replacement bolts to both mount the Matchmaker to the existing brake lever as well as a mounting bolt to mount the shifter to the Matchmaker.

      Dominion matchmaker SRAM

      Perfect match to the Dominion lever clamp. Only available for the right/rear shifter. Wish it was spaced more towards the center as it interfered with my grip. Had to move everything around so it fit and then do the other side so it matched up. Not a big deal but I guess I’m weird that way. They need to make a left side, that would eliminate this problem and add a lot more adjustability.

      Brian Goble
      Spot on quality product

      Definitely achieves exactly what it’s advertised to do and I like it very much with my Dominion A4’s!

      Half (:P) excellent

      I think there should be a mirrored one as well, not only for dropper levers, but also for cases where the shifter needs to be moved further inboard (like a SRAM AXS with the new paddle).