SUNringlé | Düroc 30 Expert 27.5" - Rear 135/142 w/ end caps
SUNringlé | Düroc 30 Expert 27.5" - Front 100x15/QR AM

Düroc 30 Expert 27.5"


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Real-world riders need wheels that roll fast, and are durable enough to sustain years of abuse, without costing more than the rest of the bike. The SUNringlé Düroc Expert wheel does just that. It's built to last with wide, no-nonsense welded aluminum rims, cartridge-bearing SRX hubs, brass Wheelsmith spoke nipples, and stainless butted spokes. Available in 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm(OEM Only) and 50mm widths, there is a tubeless-ready Düroc wheel to suit your needs. Düroc wheels are available individually. Wheelsets include all tubeless accessories (sealant, valves & pre-installed tape), free-hub options (both XD & Shimano are in the box), and applicable axle endcap options.

    •SUNringlé Tubeless Ready: Factory Taped, with valves
    •Welded Seam
    •Shimano HG and SRAM XD freehub bodies included
    •Cartridge Bearing SUNringlé SRX Hubs

    •30mm Outer Rim Width
    •26mm Inner Rim Width
    •28 Wheelsmith DB14 Spokes/alloy nipples
    •100x15/QR or 110x15 Boost Front Hub
    •135/142 w/ caps or 148x12 Boost Rear Hub Spacing Available
    •440g Rim Weight
    •808g Front Wheel Weight
    •908g Rear Wheel Weight

    •Tubeless Sealant
    •Tubeless Valves
    •Alternate Freehub Body
    •QR and Thru Axle caps (Non-Boost options)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    So psyched

    Finally upgraded my Giant Talon 2019 barn find which I had promptly Converted to a gravel bike. I had already done this with the stock wheel set, which contained cone and loose bearing hubs. I put about 1,500 miles on the bike and those wheels which shockingly I was able to set-up tubeless with some panaracer 1.9s (21 inner on those stock rims). Now with these rims I went to the same tire but larger 2.1. I got the QR end caps on no issues whatsoever and did the tubeless set up myself. Very generous wheel package with all the caps, sealant, and extra free hub body-WOW! I’m an overweight 48 year old Mom who broke my back in the bike park last year. If I can set these up myself (with a little help from YT), then you can too. Awesome products at an amazing value! Woot woot!

    Linden Feller
    Rear Wheel

    While these wheels seem pretty good and a super great deal at 30% off....One thing I'm not real happy with on the rear wheel, while these wheels are noted to be super flexible for mounting, I do think it would have been helpful if somewhere in the description it was mentioned that you need their special "rear axel tool". AND when I tried to order it directly from Hayes, I was told it was out of stock. So for me to get my wheel adapters switched out I'm having to dig online and order the tool from another source. Just saying to get the adapters changed out, some kind of instructions with necessary tools would have been helpful. I did not see anything in their support docs that would have helped although maybe I missed something. Great wheels otherwise. But please be aware of needing the tool.

    Have Not Used Yet

    While I have not used these wheels yet, from my observation they look to be a well built wheel and particularly with about 30% off making them a great deal. When the riding season is over I'll fit them to my bike which I'm sure I'll be pleased with. I have this front wheel all set up with the adapter so I can go from through wheel mounting to quick release for my current ride. This is one of the main reason I purchased these wheels was because of their flexibility. I'd also like to mention that not only were the wheels packed super well, but they actually arrived within two days. Truly the fastest shipping I've ever gotten on "anything" I've ordered online. Like Wow!

    excellent wheel...

    Arrived True and properly tensioned. Rim profile made tubeless sealing a piece of cake with just a couple pumps of the floor pump. I have about 100 miles of rocky rooty terrain and zero issues so far...!

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