SUNringlé | Düroc 35 Rim - 27.5" / 28
SUNringlé | Düroc 35 Rim -

Düroc 35 Rim


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Real-world riders need wheels that roll fast and are durable enough to sustain years of abuse, without costing more than the rest of the bike. SUNRinglé Düroc rims do just that. Built to last with welded seams, 28 or 32 hole drillings, 27.5" or 29", and available in 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, and 50mm widths, there is a tubeless-ready Düroc rim to suit your wheel building needs. 

    •Welded Seam
    •Tubeless Compatible
    •Doublewall Construction
    •Available in 27.5" and 29" sizes

    •35mm Outer Rim Width
    •31mm Inner Rim Width
    •28 or 32 Hole Drillings
    •495g 27.5" Rim Weight
    •515g 29" Rim Weight

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Expecting good things

    Purchased these to convert a 50 wheelset to 35, to better accept 2.6s. Got 'em laced up. The wheels came up beautifully. Waiting for Hayes to get back to me with numbers for final spoke tensioning. I purchased these based on my experience with SunRingle' products - which has been very good. Currently running a set of 40s on SRC hubs, on my sus trail bike. Couldn't be happier. That wheel set - even having been bashed around way over the bike's head on a regular basis - for 6 years, now!! - hasn't needed anything but bearings. The only tuning I've done was for convenience when tires were off, anyway. They've never needed more than minor twiddling. Hope to have the wheels on the hardtail I'm building - within the next few weeks. CAN'T WAIT!! And expect the "new" wheelset with give me all de luvvvvvv, dat I've learned to expect from SR. If I learn differently - I'll let you know!


    Just bought second hand bike with this rims in Queenstown. I ride mostly flow/ jump trails and some blue tech or single black trails. Wheels were looking brand new but after 3 days riding (3-4 laps a day quite short trails) all spokes came loose. I didnt even hear that I hit the rock and there were dings. Maybe its not the most expensive wheelset, but I think its only for XC riding probably. Very disappointing.

    Xu Wang
    Builds up easily

    Building these rims into wheels is an interesting experience. The rims are well made with good surface treatment. Upon first lacing there are some hops radially and laterally. However as soon as spoke tension reach about 100kgf the rims straighten itself out. All i needed to do was minor adjustments.

    Ok for trails 5.000 km

    All spoke holes on the drivetrain side are tearing...this rim cant handle the stress. Dissappointing.
    Did well the first 5 thousand km regular trails

    Thanks for the feedback. We take feedback we receive from customers very seriously and will be forwarding your information to a member of our Customer Care Team to resolve directly with you.

    Michael Acord
    Great Rim That Can Take a Beating on the Trail

    This is my third set of wheels with Duroc rims. The Duroc 35's are great for the 2.4-2.6 MTB tire. Just built a new set a wheels with the 35's and the tires mounted and sealed immediately when adding air. The price, durability and weight ratio make these a win.

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