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      Work / Party

      The Mara Pro rear shock has two separate damping circuits that can be activated or bypassed by the Work / Party mode lever. Having two separate circuits allows the rider to have two no-compromise options, for climbing and descending. Work mode is a preset damping circuit designed for climbing. Party mode is an externally adjustable high and low speed compression circuit. It offers a large range of tuning for a variety of riders and conditions.

      Adjustable High-Speed and Low-Speed Compression

      The Mara Pro provides an independent HSC circuit providing an adjustable high-speed blow off point combined with a LSC circuit providing adjustment for chassis control and small bump sensitivity. This circuit is also easily removed for fine tuning and adjustment of the shim stack for at-home tuners.  


      King Can

      The King Can is a higher volume air can with internally adjustable air volume. Adjusting the air volume allows the rider to change the spring curve, either linear or progressive. This is helpful to fully optimize the entire stroke of the travel for different suspension designs along with riders of different weights, riding styles, and abilities.

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