SUNringlé | Mulefüt Rim Strip - Mulefut 80 (26") Rim Strip

Mulefüt Rim Strip


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Rim Strip for the SUNRinglé Mulefut Rim

Customer Reviews

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Charles Olson
Good option for going tubeless

After a month with tubes, I replaced the factory Trek Farley 9.6 strips with these new ones. The existing strips became mis-shaped over the rim cutouts—making it difficult to get rim tape to seal. After taping the rim with 78 mm STS tape (for Mulefut 80 rim) I added the tube back in to help the tire bead and seal the tape to the rim overnight. Next day, I replaced the tube, installed the tubeless valve stem, and added sealant through the valve stem. No leaks in a month of riding.


Worked great! Had to stretch it out some before using

Matthew Hansen
Worked Perfect!

Good fit, use some muscle to install! Worked perfect for my conversion to Tubeless on the factory Sun Ringle Mulfut 80s that came on my Farley 5.

Ben Boule
Perfect, Exactly what was needed!

I bought a Trek Farley 7 that came with Mulefut rims. Trek in it's infinite wisdom declined to use the correct Mulefut rim strips. I assumed the ones Trek used would work. After riding the bike for a month I decided to get rid of the tubes. I was actually able to convert the front wheel, but the back was a miserable failure. I retaped it twice, but the rim strip did not seem to have the integrity to hold the tape in place. I think the rear strip was more degraded because of having more weight on the rear wheel when riding around for a month.

Once I got the correct one from Hayes the rear came out beautifully and holds air like a champ. The strip is pretty challenging to get over the rim and is very tight once in place. But it has a smooth inner surface and is stronger than the one Trek includes. The tape job came out much cleaner and the wheel held full pressure with no sealant. Bottom line if you get a bike that comes with Mulefut rims but does not have the Sun Ringle strip, get the Strip before proceeding. I will eventually retape my front wheel with the correct strip but for now will ride it since it's holding and shows no signs of leakage.

Good product

The strips fit my mulefoot rims perfectly when running tubes. If converting the 80mm mulefoot to tubeless, these are not the best option because the mulefoot rims don't have enough area for the tape to stick reliably.. Hayes shipped them quickly.

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