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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Michael D.
      Pricey for a single valve

      Really, sold as a single valve who else does that now I have to pay extra attention to make sure i get what i need. Do people really only replace one valve at a time? Frustrating. When i buy tubeless tape, it’s a roll for two wheels and so should it be with valves, they should come in twos like the majority of other brands and normally i can get two valves for this price or a bit more, now i am stuck paying for shipping again since I need the second valve.


      I needed to replace my valve, i had broken the seal ( my fault to tight ) The new ones were shipped right away and came in a few days. installed it right this time and it worked perfect.

      Aaron Cox
      They are sold in singles

      I made the mistake ordering them thinking they com in pairs, smh, so order two!

      Jared Mereness
      Tubeless valve stem (75mm)

      Fit perfectly in my Strike SLG wheelset. No leaks, no problems. The rim is very tight to the valve stem, so I did have to clear out some excess rim tape, but I’ll take snug over loose any day!