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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Ryan Benner
      Hayes For The Win!

      Easy to use as it comes in different sizes so you dont have to waste time trying to cut it down to appropriate sizes. Once the wheel is clean, just stick the end one and start wrapping! It doesn’t stretch or deform like others while pulling it tight! Also, I had this tape on my carbon, black label, wheel set for about 5 years and never replaced the tape! When I finally went to replace it, it pulled right off, leaving zero mess! So its proven! I highly recommend Hayes rim tape and I will be using it for every wheel from now on!

      Thanks for the solid review Ryan! #rideon #reynoldscycling #carbonwheelexperts #reynoldswheels #builtforthewayyouride

      Works Good

      I tried a couple other brands but this was the easiest to apply and comes in the exact widths I need for my Blacklabel 289/309 wheelset.

      We aim to please. Thanks for leaving us a nice review!

      James C.
      its worth it

      This rim tape is very good and works extremely well on the carbon wheels

      allen s.
      Best of the Bunch

      For Reynolds wheels, I have tried the yellow rim tape, Gorilla tape and the Reynolds Tubless Rim Tape. Keep in mind that this was my first experience with tubeless, but I found the Reynolds Tape to adhere and seal better than anything else I had tried.
      I have had the wheels almost six months and the tape is holding well. The tires lose about 2 psi every two or three days, however in a submersion tank there are no obvious leaks.
      I will reorder when necessary even thought the tape maybe a bit overpriced.