Araxa World Cup #2 Savilia Blunk Takes 3rd

World Cup #2 Araxa
Savilia Blunk, 3rd

The U.S. Champion confirms her excellent start to the season with 3rd place at the XCO event in Araxa (Brazil). Savilia Blunk (Third): "I'd focused my entire start to the season on the first two stages of the World Cup. I knew I'd done a good job, but now I had to confirm it. I was under pressure, but the team did everything to ensure that we arrived in Brazil in the best possible conditions. We spent three weeks here together and everything went really well! And after two podiums in XCO, I'm so happy to have achieved my "mission"! Now it's time for a bit of rest before considering what's next.

After the first four races of the season (XCC / XCO), Savilia Blunk is 3rd in the overall World Cup standings.

The news

Following his crash during the XCC World Cup in Araxa, examinations revealed that Joshua Dubau was suffering from "a dislocation of the elbow, which was completely reduced in hospital, and a fracture of the radial head", according to the Decathlon Ford team's medical staff. He will be repatriated on Monday and will undergo further tests on his return in order to establish a new assessment. The period of his unavailability will be announced at a later date.

The number 3

Savilia Blunk scored three consecutive World Cup podiums on the first two stages in Brazil. A first in the (young) history of the Decathlon Ford team.